by Kitezh

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We believe that religion is the biggest problem with humanity today and it's history proves us right. Antitheism is the belief that religion, considering it's course throughout history, has caused more harm than good.
We choose to believe in ourselves and the LIVING planet that we have the privilege of being on.

Hail Mota!


released October 26, 2012

Spy Soto - Drums
Jesse Mondragon - Vox
Cole Rudy - Guitar
Joey Truscelli - Guitar
Igor Panasewicz - Bass

-All songs written by Kitezh except tracks 3 and 8, written by Kitezh and Grant Israel. Recorded mixed and mastered by Steve Goldberg in Denver. Cover art by Sam Nelson(Stigma Art) Layout by Eric Halborg.

-Many thanks and much respect to Grant Israel, Steve Goldberg, Brian Hopp, Christopher Hitchens, Rottenness, Jay Castillo and Silas Rivera, Lenzig and Joe, THIS, Lauren Vieira(Track 9), Eric Halborg, All of our Families and friends, Satan, The Goddess Isis, the holy marijuana plant, and anyone who has ever freely thought for themselves.




all rights reserved


Kitezh Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Path of Batu
Path Of Batu Khan. In pitch darkness. Exhausted. Travel through the wilderness. The stone paved road is leading to the secret ruin of a past untold. Bird of prey appear and carry the souls of the dead. Pay the toll. Cross the river of fire. Soiled cries blot out the sun. Raptured hands of guilt and fear, reach themselves for hope. Praying and drowning. Tragedy falls on masses of fate. Refused and wretched aren't saved. The ground beneath sinks.Lulled to sleep by sounds of sorrow. Awake and accept this dismal death
Track Name: Magnetosphere Oblitzerator
The sun to set will always be dark enough to see. Recourse the blinding lights of Eye. March of the Dead. Eye of the fire cycles the flesh. Indignation your prophets have seen. Law is no more. Ruin as vast as the sea. Believe what you see. Enemies prosper in midst of distress. An abyss, where monuments dwell. To what shall I compare of you? Exposed false oracles? Your iniquity as to restore you from your captivity. Swallow All. Annihilate
Track Name: Antitheist
Offer yourself to the Lions. Duty to sacrifice. Be not impious fictitious life. Denounce your hate. Renounce your shame to those who speak of your demise as in excuses. My defiance weighs you down. Incense over your altar to appease your god. The scum will be mauled or burned alive as living torches of light. You desire the crown of your martyrdom so. I refuse, I don't deny and my will dominates. I praise only flame and flame. Teeth devour. Crimson comes alive in the name of the burned and tortured crowds. Creation guide my perdition. Grinding flesh from the human bone. Slave. Wrath will germinate hands of hope like scattered seeds and reap your day. Betray belief of all of your gods. I place my reliance in my strength and virtue. I am within and alive. I am the mouth of the fire and the hunger for lies.
Track Name: The Crow's Nest Burns
Professed thy self. Imprisoned. The purpose vague. The selfless made. Deep battles rage. Crawl away defeated, devolved. Beneath wings are chard. For all the years you've watched, behold the purpose deceives. The Loud, Loud sounds of burning abound. The Crow's wail and wounded. The flames croon and soothing. The Crow's Nest Burn's Forever
Track Name: The Grand Disassemblance Of Nature
Earth passed away. Adorned sea. Angelic gates dismantled. The deeds of all will be determined. Filthy and righteous are taken. Divided. Thrown into the lakes of fire. Deceived are the sorcerer's and saints from the mouth of Cain. The great and small kill everything and fall. They tower these plagues. Dismayed all life. Blood lust thirsted without remorse. Your tormented days
Track Name: Apotheosis of Greed
Deify. Glorify your greed. Build your temples and your columns where you wish to worship inept, feeble gods or heroes. Honor be to you. You've attained divinity. Mortal existence under taken by you. Woe your humbled self. Divus held by you alone. Fake. Disguiser. Disguising your eyes. Dissimulate. Deter all who enter. Desire to possess more. Offered to our avarice and Gluttonous for. Divest your lucre. Essence of life for eternal's sake